ServicesLundmark Woodworking in Manteno, IL, designs custom kitchens, built-in cabinets for homes and offices, countertops, bathroom remodels, and tile for bathrooms and fireplaces. At our shop, everything is handcrafted and personally designed, so clients are getting unique products, not something out of a catalog.

Our design experience includes design for custom kitchens, bathrooms, and even mantels and fireplaces in Manteno, IL. We also design built-in systems for cabinets, entertainment centers, and shelves for any area. Our designs are created with the customer in mind, and we can create multiple designs to make sure the customer is completely satisfied before we begin installation. If you want a custom-designed kitchen or bathroom, Lundmark Woodworking can design the perfect room that meets all your needs in Manteno.

Our custom kitchen work begins with the design and then moves to creation of custom pieces, such as custom and built-in cabinets, countertops cut to fit your space, and more. We build all wood pieces in shop, so we can insure the quality of your kitchen and cabinets every step of the way. We use high-quality woods that look great, such as ash, cherry, and oak, and even exotic woods if requested. These give your kitchen beautiful accents and help your house feel like a home. If you've been dreaming of custom kitchen design for your home in Manteno, contact Lundmark Woodworking for your custom kitchen design consultation.

We also provide countertops in multiple materials for kitchen and bathroom remodels in Manteno, IL. Popular countertop materials include granite, quartz, solid surface, laminate, stone, and tile. Some customers have even requested cement for their countertops. Cement countertops can be useful in high-traffic areas, in certain businesses such as bars, or in personal workshops. No matter what material you want for your countertops, we can help you find one that fits your design ideas and your budget.

Countertops are just a small part of bathroom renovation. We can help with your bathroom redesign, as well as installing countertops, mirrors, and occasionally flooring in your bathroom. Many people update their paint and furnishings in the rest of the house and neglect the bathroom, so it can be clear when the bathroom hasn't been updated in years. We can help bring your bathroom into modern times with a clean design that gets the most out of your space. Simple updates of bathroom countertops, mirrors, and tile can make your bathroom look clean and modern once more.

If your fireplace or mantle is dirty, stained, and needs replacing, Lundmark Woodworking can help. We replace fireplace mantels in Manteno, IL, so that your fireplace not only keeps you warm but looks good throughout the year, even when you aren't using it. We update your fireplace mantel and trim with a mix of tile and wood materials, so the area is both durable and easy to clean. For new tile design and installation around your fireplace mantle, contact us.

We also create built-in systems for cabinets, storage, shelves, entertainment centers, and more in Manteno, IL. Our built-in systems are measured and cut to fit your space, so you finally have a solution for that space that's been giving you trouble. We can talk about what you'd like to have and then build a built-in unit that utilizes your space to its full potential. We take precise measurements and can build all types of built-in cabinets, shelving units, and other centers for built-in storage. Built-in storage can be great for pantries, odd corners, and even businesses that need to maximize space. Our custom built-in units will make your home or office in Manteno, IL, easier to organize and utilize.

Whether you dream of a new kitchen or bathroom design or just need updated countertops, Lundmark Woodworking can make your home in Manteno look exactly how you want. From small updates like new bathroom mirrors and fireplace mantel tile to large updates like new custom kitchen cabinets and countertops, we work with you every step to make sure your dream comes true with quality craftsmanship and installation. Contact Lundmark Woodworking today for your handcrafted and personally designed dream home in Manteno.