Custom Kitchens

Lundmark Woodworking designs and creates Custom and Refaced Kitchens for all styles and budgets. Our process begins when we make an appointment with each client to learn more about their kitchen needs and what they want in a kitchen, such as more counter space, double sinks, and materials they want to use. We bring photos to help clients see what finished kitchens look like, and then we do a hand-sketched design so the client can see what their new custom kitchen plan will be. This custom kitchen consultation can take one quick hour-long session or may require several hours over the course of a week, particularly if we sketch multiple designs; because customer satisfaction is our goal we work with customers until they know what they want in their new kitchen.

Kitchen design includes trim work, installation of kitchen appliances, and installation of kitchen cabinets, doors, finishing, and more. All wood products like trim and cabinets are assembled at Lundmark Woodworking so we can assure quality. In fact, we only use solid wood or plywoods created with top-quality woods, and never particleboard. Our kitchen cabinets and other wood pieces all include quality details like dovetail corners, and we use quality woods like cherry, maple, and oak, as well as alder, ash, and occasionally exotic woods like bird's eye maple.

Lundmark Woodworking also offers "green" processed wood products for kitchen design, which means we treat our wood with water-based finishes for those who want to avoid chemicals in their home.

For a custom kitchen, Lundmark Woodworking can take you from dream to design to completion. Call us today to make your custom kitchen design consultation!